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saynerd Rating
Like everything else from this author... It is just. so. adorable. The characters, the story, all of it. This is definitely not pointless smut, but a genuinely cute story about falling in love with someone. If that is what you are looking for, then invest in this author (and this title)! Worth the permanent rent in my personal opinion. I love having sensei's work on standby for reread~
funbrillo Rating
This one is just adorable. There is really no smut although some very minimal sex scenes. Just roommates that develop into an adorable couple and no angst. It is pretty funny too. I like the horror movie bit at the end.
PennyDreadful Rating
Very sweet, not much smut. The relationship feels a bit forced and the story jumps around a bit. I'd say, if sweet love stories with kinda clueless protagonists is your thing and you're not here for much smut, buy it. If not . Renting is good.
pandaquit Rating
Omgoshhh I just finished reading it and I'm so happy! The title really is just perfect for it, because it's such a sweet story! I loved all the characters and the couple's interactions and relationship development. I love it!
Randomjumble Rating
This author is an expert on sweet and adorable, her characters are 2D embodiments of fluffy. This story's is fluff and comedy with a sweet story and I want more of it!
Nyanko Rating
Caramel is an apt title here - it fits the theme, the characters, the story, and is a running motif throughout. While the characters and story are sweet, they aren't simple one-note tropes. The young naive kid has a mature side, and the grumpier “old” guy (he's 27, so like suuuuuuuper old) is petulant and childish, so their dynamic has layers and nuances of flavor, while maintaining a base note of sweetness. The art is very cute, but it suits the story. If you're looking for sultry gazes and chiseled abs, move on. The heat level is medium, the story is simple, and the tone is sweet. You can make caramel pretty easily and with only a few basic ingredients, but if you pay attention and give it a little love, you can coax a whole symphony of flavors from it. Likewise, this story is pretty basic, but the mangaka clearly put love and attention into this one, and the caramel is delightful indeed.
ChattyK2125 Rating
My favorite Manga are the b/l love stories. This did not disappoint. Iori can take care of Roku in many ways for being an 18 year old virgin. It is not blunt in the way it is shown. Poor Iori once he realizes he has feelings for Roku was afraid it would show but he was very frightened of being penetrated by Roku. Roku realizes this, through the help from a friend he grew up with who gave him advice to take it slow with Iori. Hard to do on both especially with Roku sleeping literally with him. When feelings hit both of them. That is when Iori finally let's guard down. Really loved this story. Not too smutty with penises penetrating as I have seen in other manga. This was perfect amount for the story written. The story was on sale. It was worth trying Sensei's books and I really enjoyed this one. Going for another!
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