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saynerd Rating
Like everything else from this author... It is just. so. adorable. The characters, the story, all of it. This is definitely not pointless smut, but a genuinely cute story about falling in love with someone. If that is what you are looking for, then invest in this author (and this title)! Worth the permanent rent in my personal opinion. I love having sensei's work on standby for reread~
PennyDreadful Rating
Very sweet, not much smut. The relationship feels a bit forced and the story jumps around a bit. I'd say, if sweet love stories with kinda clueless protagonists is your thing and you're not here for much smut, buy it. If not . Renting is good.
funbrillo Rating
This one is just adorable. There is really no smut although some very minimal sex scenes. Just roommates that develop into an adorable couple and no angst. It is pretty funny too. I like the horror movie bit at the end.
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