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kleepart Rating
I will always buy and Yoneda Kou. This story is so well written. Their relationship is great, and cute and awkward. It feels so real. These characters are so charming, and the little crossover with it's sister-piece is so great. So glad I could buy it.
CrazyCatLady Rating
Love this author! This work is a refreshing low tension read. Very sweet. Now I want to read more about Togawa and Shims please!
MioAkiyama Rating
Is really great, I cried, felt a pang of jealousy for Deguchi, the pain of loving a straight guy and how they would go through this together despite the circumstances.? Smut : 1/5? Tears : 3/5?? Jealousy : 3/5? Heartache : 4/5? Fluff/Cute : 2.5/5? Plot : 5/5
funbrillo Rating
Love this story. No real drama. And it goes along with the book
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
I love Kou Yoneda's comment at the end about no traumatic events or major plot twists required. It's the subtly and authentic dialogue that leads to this rewarding love story between two unique, believable characters. Appreciated the the way Shima and Togawa get integrated back in as well.
HorseObsessed Rating
This is a great story. There's no smut. Just a real, deep story.
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