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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is totally worth the $$$! The art is great, all of the characters (main and secondary) are likable and funny and the story is good too. Loved Minami and Makato so much! I'm always a huge fan of aggressive bottoms who have hearts of gold, so Minami won a place in my heart. And Makato was such a nice, dependable hardworking family guy that you can't help but root for him too. This was seriously funny and also really hot, like whoa! So good! Tetsu, Minami's subordinate was a hoot and loved all of his screen time as well. I thought there was going to be another side story featuring the two guys from the drawing near the table of contents too, but I guess that was just used as a filler? Bummer cuz that seemed like it would have been a good one. I really loved this manga and glad I bought it. It's cute, sweet,funny, hot as hell and touching! And it's totally re-readable! Get it!
kleepart Rating
It's so good. I love the premise, the art, the characters, and everything. The smuuuuuut!!!!!!! THE SMUT!! I really hope that they make sequels. One for the uke's older bro and one for the seme's younger bro. It's yaoi after all, he's gay, he's gay, we're allllll gay! I would buy it allll!!!!!
GrimLuciel Rating
Niyama is one of my favorite mangaka, and I've been eagerly awaiting this!!! Instant buy. While this starts as a "blackmail trope" it quickly turns into a romantic story that's also very hot. Manami, the protag, is surprisingly endearing and earnest which made my heart beat as he fell in love. The side story was cute, weird and funny!
Thenameislynn Rating
Anything by Niyama is worth spending on. I usually have a knack to literally judge a book by its cover. And I'm not really into loose characters. So this cover would usually put me off. But since its Niyama, I decided to give it a go. And it didnt disappoint me. Not much drama and I love both seme and uke's dynamics.
mariakutsu Rating
I bought this since I found the raw scans and really wanted to read more about this blossoming couple. The art is nice and so is the smut! Nice build-up and there's also a cute side story in there too! Definitely worth a read!
NaNa Rating
This is such a cute story XD
misamatsu Rating
it is so fking good i would read it sleep with it and when i die i would like this to be bury with me or cremate along with my ashes that how good it is buy it already
legallybling Rating
Bought this immediately because I am a big fan of Niyama-sensei's works and WHEW did it deliver!!!! Very sexy, funny and cute.
funbrillo Rating
Niyama did it again. I love all of the manga by Niyama so far. This has a good amount of smut, a cute story, and it is not heavy on angst. All of the characters, including side characters, are lovable. Even the one shot in it was okay and fluffy but the main story I will be re-reading over and over again.
rilano Rating
I love this artist and writer very much, but this is probably my favorite story by them. Great illustrations, great characters, and great sex. Surprisingly sweet.
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