Will a Guy Who Likes Cats Fall in Love with a Guy with Cat Eyes? [Plus Bonus Page]'s Customer Reviews

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This was adorable! All in all this has 3 stories, and all the semes are very caring, sweet, cute and just lovable. The art is pretty and the ukes are also interesting in a different way. They are adorable as well, one is wary like a street cat, one is very cheerful and passionate about his work, and one is... not exactly bossy but in control. And of course, all the stories have a lot of SMUT. LIKE, A LOT. When the semes get it on they kinda lose control and let the passion and lust and love take over.Considering how short the stories were, there was still enough character and relationship development to my liking. Of course there always could be more but I like it this way. Worth the money I'd say. This is very fluffy and cute. I recommend this highly!
Storyline reflects trust and acceptance. The art is beautiful and the fluffyness was a plus factor. Soo I'm a fan of this author now!
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