User Reviews For: Sexy Gentleman's Superb Techniques -I'll Teach You How to be Sexy-


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Yahiko03 Rating
Story was getting good until the main female started being wishy washy. I mean come on, stop leading him on. You constantly resist him after it starts to get heated and then you say I'm in love with someone else after all the forplay. How can you fall in love with someone you don't even remember his full identity. Get real girl.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
Great smut alert. Like I mean GREAT but still no sexual tension. Well there might be but all the sexual tension I enjoy immensely usually comes from yaoi TT TT like dont get me wrong YAOI IS GREAT!, but I want some hetero smut too! On a side note the story itself I enjoy but not many people can sip on forceful guys. I usually don't if the artwork isnt to my taste. . . . This one is sooooo. Man handle her to a certain degree yo. And really gurl? Just tell him what's bugging you. I like drama but no new flavor to be found here.
Arzella Rating
The dynamic between the characters is really fun to read. I cant wait for more chapters!
shiseiten Rating
I like this author's style a lot and I can't wait to see where this goes. Hope that their two series get updated soon!
Sleepyrose Rating
I'm honestly not mad at this. It's good. Hope to read more soon
Strick Rating
Ok story, sometimes hard to follow. Overall a good read. 4 stars!
tylerssocks Rating
The title is terrible but the content is good!
Kat28 Rating
I really like the Story. Its funny and sometimes it get a little bit sad. But she is really confused to me, she want to thanks the dreamman and doesnt get for a long time, that she is in love with his "normal" side.
Noodlebat Rating
THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for posting the last chapter. This is a great read. I love this artists work.
sdfvsdf Rating
so hot!!!
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