User Reviews For: A Perfect Day for a Kitty in Heat [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Being very generous here. I didn't understand this story at all. Too many characters. It's basically just smut. The art is ok, nothing special. Had some cute aspects. I personally found it kind of weird.
idgal Rating
Been waiting for this Ikuyasu book because it has cat men! For people who love cats and hot muscular men. It's a very cute book featuring stories about 2 couples in a group of cats. I love how fun and cute the drawing are when the men are drawn in their cat form.
pwgr Rating
Super cute and funny story!
funbrillo Rating
So far I like everything by this mangaka. This was a really cute, fluffy, and sexy story. There were two MCs and an extra in which I would love to see more of that couple too. No drama, the drawings were nice and I liked the ones that showed them as cats as well. Really good read and I bought it to read over and over again.
NessaBDC Rating
This book is smut and I am here for it! Who knew mixing hot men and cats would be such a win. On top of that I found the stories to be cute fluff and endearing. Such a good way to spend some time.
urara Rating
A super cute read from the very talented amazing Ikuyasu-sensei! The cats are all so adorable~~ Purr-fect for cat lovers. I enjoyed it very much! Read this meow and fall in love with Ikuyasu-sensei's world of beefy cat boys~!
seraphina Rating
Really interesting story, loved the couples and wish there was more of it because it was so good.
bountyundecided Rating
Super cute story. I love it!!!
sdab Rating
This was smutty with a nice dose of cute.
ebookrenta035m3ebnz Rating
The history is simple but entertaining, super cute, funny, sensual and the art
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