User Reviews For: A Perfect Day for a Kitty in Heat [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Being very generous here. I didn't understand this story at all. Too many characters. It's basically just smut. The art is ok, nothing special. Had some cute aspects. I personally found it kind of weird.
idgal Rating
Been waiting for this Ikuyasu book because it has cat men! For people who love cats and hot muscular men. It's a very cute book featuring stories about 2 couples in a group of cats. I love how fun and cute the drawing are when the men are drawn in their cat form.
funbrillo Rating
So far I like everything by this mangaka. This was a really cute, fluffy, and sexy story. There were two MCs and an extra in which I would love to see more of that couple too. No drama, the drawings were nice and I liked the ones that showed them as cats as well. Really good read and I bought it to read over and over again.
NessaBDC Rating
This book is smut and I am here for it! Who knew mixing hot men and cats would be such a win. On top of that I found the stories to be cute fluff and endearing. Such a good way to spend some time.
pwgr Rating
Super cute and funny story!
urara Rating
A super cute read from the very talented amazing Ikuyasu-sensei! The cats are all so adorable~~ Purr-fect for cat lovers. I enjoyed it very much! Read this meow and fall in love with Ikuyasu-sensei's world of beefy cat boys~!
Bibijamoo Rating
I thought it was just smut, but the storyline is quite good and cute, and also fluffy! I'm loving this manga. I love this author 's work too.
JPokiSan Rating
I wanted more story, but the story did make me laugh. The characters reactions make me ?. There are mice men, and dog boys too. The cat ears were cute! If you like smut, there is plenty of it.
chibibi Rating
This is absolutely the cutest/hottest neko manga ever! I love this author's work so much! Sweet with a pinch of spiciness making you want so much more!
seraphina Rating
Really interesting story, loved the couples and wish there was more of it because it was so good.