User Reviews For: Gimme Your Trashy Love All Night Long


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blowkia Rating
This was definitely pretty cute. Great concept, love how the ukw became super slutty lol. Worth the read.
Viscerall Rating
Loved this one! The story is satisfying and the protagonists are likeable and funny. The art style is a pleasure to look at and of course the sex scenes are great. Would definitely recommend!!
Seme's face expression never changed, kept a poker face from beginning to end. Killed a lot for me. Story's funny as hell though.
Marshlily Rating
Came for the title, stayed for the action
theakaneko Rating
I was a little nervous before reading this, wondering if I would like it since it is very different... And I am glad I took the chance. The mains are funny and grow in love with each other nicely. The story is cute and fun and I very much enjoyed.
naughtycanuck Rating
Very horny. Truly blessed.
funbrillo Rating
Definitely 5 stars. Very cute. Very little drama but a good amount of smutty scenes. The relationship development was good as well.
saynerd Rating
This is fantastic. The art is great, the more graphic scenes are very well played out... But most of all, having read several radio-centric stories, the overall character journey was just fun and hilarious. I really enjoyed both mains. Really worth the read!
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