User Reviews For: Gimme Your Trashy Love All Night Long


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blowkia Rating
This was definitely pretty cute. Great concept, love how the ukw became super slutty lol. Worth the read.
sereneione Rating
No regrets buying this. A good balance of humour and smut and fluff. Highly recommend.
Viscerall Rating
Loved this one! The story is satisfying and the protagonists are likeable and funny. The art style is a pleasure to look at and of course the sex scenes are great. Would definitely recommend!!
theakaneko Rating
I was a little nervous before reading this, wondering if I would like it since it is very different... And I am glad I took the chance. The mains are funny and grow in love with each other nicely. The story is cute and fun and I very much enjoyed.
citrusfire21 Rating
Perfect, I LOVE IT! Love the combination of comedic fun and sexy times (like sexiest ever imo), ugh?. Also love how they get really sweet and shy at times, double ugh?. I also loved the whole concept of them submitting stories for radio, reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle, but way less appropriate hahah. Like I said, PERFECT???
Chikaze Rating
LOVE this manga! It's light hearted and just cute (Not to mention is smexy too ^q^) Sometimes its good to read something light and not so filled with drama and angst. If you're looking for something cute and funny than i'll definitely recc this! art is great as well!
gustavbel Rating
I didn't expect to like this so much, but it was really good. It was very lighthearted and the relationship between the characters was very natural and sweet. It doesn't get too deep or heavy, but also never gets boring; it's a perfect single volume read.
pandaquit Rating
This is a must read!! It was so funny and yummy~ I love the art style and the uke's facial expressions, he's just adorable and the seme was so cool. So much stuff happens, it's very entertaining and wholesome. It's definitely worth it, as well as all this author's other works!
leehaesoo Rating
I absolutely love all of Sagano's work, and this is probably one of my favorites ?
keijipeiji Rating
This is pretty cute and funny. The interactions between the main characters really made me laugh sometimes.
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