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sereneione Rating
It's not exactly my cup of tea, but if you like the small-seme-big-uke trope as well as threesomes, this has both covered.
ForgottenQuill Rating
How can a story with such a great premise go so very wrong? Fill every page with senseless, confusing imagery and top it off with lame dialogue and repetitive moping. This was so disappointing, you have no idea. I thought the premise was very promising and the story started out okay, but the main character turned out to be this annoying man child (and not in the cute way). I'm sure there are some who really loved this, but I cannot even appreciate it as unredeeming smut. The layout is so convoluted and the story SO awful, I couldn't even appreciate the sex scenes. If you want the least sexy and unseductive smut out there, then pick up this. When sex isn't sexy and you have me skipping through the porn looking for some semblance of order, you know you've made a mistake somewhere. Do yourself a favor and steer clear!
Jedirenagade Rating
This smutty goodness! I'm a huge sucker for buff dudes that are feminine. There's a lot of steam but the first story is sweet too! The second story is about a trio, while it's obvious the third party is just stirring the pot I would have liked to see his background explained a little more. However, the steam will keep the smut lovers drooling.
biggestrebel Rating
I enjoyed this! The story did seem a little lost here and there and the main story characters seemed more like caricatures than characters. Still, I liked the art and thought they were cute. I love small semes w big uke mens, so I'm probably biased. The second threesome story was...meh. it made me feel weird and I didn't care too much for them. Overall, the art is nice (if not overly busy), the sex was hot, and the story was ok. Good enough to rent, but not buy.
bigeneral Rating
I love the initial trope, but the story is senseless with too fluffy nonsense layers on top of smut. If you're looking for smut, then maybe this one is for you. But don't expect depth in the story :(
Spiceylynne Rating
The first story about the mangaka and the delivery man was freaking adorable! Their reactions and story were so cute!
Destastic Rating
It was a great story and the side story was also very intriguing
Mnky3 Rating
Super cute and spicy yaoi love both stories.
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