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animeangel Rating
This is the first chapter and I am already hooked. I like the plot and I like the characters. I think this can go along way and look forward to reading more chapters thx!
Nyanko Rating
You know where this is heading, but the ride is fun enough. The usual oblivious cute girl asks her childhood buddy for romance help, thinking he's got a girlfriend already and has experience in the matters. Buddy is happy to help, because "spoilers." Things work out in the end. The art is pretty, and the relationship between friends is close enough to see their connection but not so over-close that it makes the protagonist seem like an idiot the whole time. The hot boyfriend is fun, because he seems so perfect until his facade unravels and it goes just enough over the top to seem more funny/creepy than outright scary. There's also a sub-sub-plot involving a wanna-be girlfriend, but it's not handled nearly as deftly. It's a retread of the usual childhood friends romance, with enough bells and whistles to make it a bit more fun.
Well! That was the end of chapter two... and things sure escalated quickly. Characters are well drawn, but the plot needs depth. Heroine's character is too naive to my liking.
taesugars Rating
Pretty interesting and funny :) Worth the read, it's quite short but good!
Lethalbrownie Rating
The art is good but I feel like the story isn't that great. Granted, I'm not very far in with this series, but the whole love triangle thing was over so soon.
Majala Rating
A little obvious but very cute ... "big brother" becomes boyfriend. And the perfect bkyfriend has a creepy Oedipus complex. I'm not sure if it is finished but if not I cannot wait to see where it goes next. I'd definitely recommend this one!
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