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Heika Rating
The title on this is hilariously inappropriate since this is a very pure-hearted manga about orphans who used to live in the same orphanage meeting up again later in life, with the younger one obviously still cherishing feelings for the older one. Every chapter makes me absolutely die with feelings. Highly recommended for the story, but this is not the unrepentant smut you may be looking for.
Malice Rating
As I'm writing this, only the first volume has been released. It has a very promising start! It'll make you laugh and frown, the art is superb, and there's definitely a complex story behind this one. It's not your average "love manga." (Also, there's no smut yet, for those who are wondering.) I'm extremely excited to read the next part and see how Taiyoh and Michiru's relationship develops. (Taiyoh isn't exactly convinced that Michiru is a love doll, after all.)
angelfeathers Rating
I really liked this overall. I'd settle it as a comfortable 4.5~5. The story itself is very sweet and touches on themes of found family. MC himself comes from an orphanage and while nothing super bad happens in this one there are a few parts that come off as softly sad and thoughtful. Promise there's tons more sweet and happy stuff! In terms of warnings that aren't tagged, the first of the two sex scenes starts off while someone's sleeping. If you're okay reading that it's worth a go!
gcgirl0312 Rating
This is such a sweet story. You think by the name it will be nothing but kink and sex but the actual story captures you and you end up falling in love with the characters
Thenameislynn Rating
One of the most fluffiest and adorable mangas out there. Don't let the title and cover deceive you. Have a go~
acedevorak Rating
A bit misleading, makes you think that there will be copius amounts of smut but it actually has a heartfelt story. Pretty unique one too. Spoilers ahead: The whole sex doll really just doesn't get explained at all. It's more of a... Ploy, I guess. Loved the art style, it was super pretty.
squarechestnut Rating
Don't be fooled by its title. This is actually among the heartfelt stories I've read here. It tackles more on family themes and on the fear of being abandoned. It still has smut though, so don't worry. And it's really sexy! Gosh, I always find it sexy when a flustered top who's almost 30 does it with someone younger than him. If you like that kind of stories, then this will definitely tug at your heart! A must read!
Foodforthot Rating
I for sure thought that the main character was going to be a legit sex doll, but this was SOOOO much better! Make sure to read this!!! It's not hardcore yaoi but it's still really good!!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
There are like, 2 smut scenes in this. But I didn't even mind. The story was so interesting and sweet. The art is beautiful and the story is happy.
Momoni Rating
This is one of the manga that will warm your heart. Gosh the baby is cute. The adopted parents were kind and nice to both of them. I love how Yoh panicked in every panel when they know the baby is on her way to the world. I laugh hard!
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