User Reviews For: Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! [VertiComix]


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debimurr Rating
I like it but each chapter seems so short! Mahoko is bestfriends with Chise(the guy) and something happened in the past that caused Mahoko to have low self esteem and she knows Chise secret. That's all I can explain without giving anything away. As you can see there are only 3 chapters so there's still a lot that I haven't read but I can't wait to read more. Oh and the price is good!
lovesfiction97 Rating
So far, Chise seems like both a terrible friend and a terrible love interest tbh.
Capitulate Rating
Chise acts almost like a beloved, yet bratty sibling to Mahoko, frequently provoking her and testing her patience. It's pretty obvious that Chise's world revolves around Mahoko, but he's always taking lots of minor and not so minor liberties with her because she's his bff and he knows she'll eventually give in and indulge or forgive the aggravating things he does. That whole dynamic that is easy to relate to if you've ever had that type of relationship, romantic or otherwise. There are some past issues between them that it seems will soon be coming to a head and need to be resolved for the two to stay close and get even closer to each other. It's been a fun read with believable characters so far. I'm really looking forward to learning the truth behind Chise's past actions and what will happen next for these two.
Nyanko Rating
He's gay and steals her boyfriends, but maybe he's not. Who knows? All of the pop culture gender role tropes are presented here as insight into the male lead's character, who's depicted as a pushy, self-centered guy who steals all of his childhood friend's boyfriends. The female lead has always loved the guy, so his rejection of her feelings and his betrayals really crush her. She provides most of the narrative as internal monologue, so there's comparatively little that actually happens outside of flashbacks and mental hand wringing. A shame she's so fixated on what's going on in her head that she's oblivious to what is actually going on. It's clear the general direction the story is taking, but the female lead is so passive it seems it's never going to get there.
ebookrenta0ormttfd7 Rating
This is such an interesting and relatable book so far we'll maybe not to relatable but the plot is different and I'm loving it so far !!! :)
Vampiro83 Rating
Cute comic....
Animegirl18 Rating
I absolutely love this manga!!
Solirea Rating
Loving the art work and story
jibbersweet55 Rating
Shingo is the best character and no one can tell me otherwise.
xanimeprincessx Rating
The art is great. The story is quite cute, but I wish it was a little longer. Chise's big reveal at the end was kind of obvious but overall it was a cute story.
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