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nacin Rating
This kinda a cute manga. The mc and bf is so cute together. And masaki is really adorable.I read till chap 3 and there's no cheating whatsoever in this.More like sex ed.Love it though!
njones22 Rating
I love the art work and the story line is different. I like that the main character is having a awakening on her approach to intimacy is a funny way. Cute story so far and I look forward to reading more.
Aiyu86 Rating
I really loved this! As a woman, I know most women could relate to Yui, at least when they're more inexperienced or have only been with selfish lovers. I love how sweet and gentle Misaki is!! Completely opposite to his sexually harassing brother. Looking forward to more chapters.
MetalCharizard Rating
Beautiful artwork. Interesting characters. Sex thats consensual. Definitely a win.
HorseObsessed Rating
I Love the Artwork, again!, HEHE This is another one with very Intricate, very Good Artwork! DON'T GIVE IN TO THE SHADOW/GHOST PEOPLE TEMPLATE!!! PLEASE DON'T!!! Seriously though, I think it takes away from the quality of the Artwork. :() So Please don't use the Shadow/Ghost People Template. :() This is a very good, story learning about Relationships, Building Communication Skills, & Sex. I think it is what the Title says (the English Title anyway, I'm afraid I don't know what the Japanese Title translates as). I Highly Recommend this one. ;()
JenRT Rating
It was OK. The main character has never experienced good sex, never orgasmed. She gets some tips from the experienced men around her, but I wish there had been more to it. They tell her how to communicate with her partner, but someone should have suggested she learn to please herself so she'd know what she likes. Maybe she should have gotten tips from a woman too. The art isn't my style but was OK. Like her sex with her first boyfriend, it was just meh.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Awww. This was a good read specially the Art! It was really great plus point! The story pace was good too. But why so short? :( i was expecting the series to be long .... Aaaaw well ... I enjoyed so far. Thanks for this looking forward for more manga of this Author ;*
Sighz Rating
Light, fun read with smut. Not a ton of character development due to the length of the work. I did enjoy the character themselves.
ebookrenta0mtws0c73 Rating
The art is very good. Both mc are cute. I wish that would have another chapter.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hmm. The art is really nice. Story flow is good. Masaki is so cute!! Yui is the typical naive and ditsy heroine, but she's cute too! Those older brothers tho, wow!! Poor Yui. I hope this isn't a true RH and only about one couple with lots of temptation. Eek! Need volume two stat!
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