User Reviews For: The Wolf Prince's Prey


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hmmm pretty interesting. The beginning is not great. I don't like for guys to take advantage of girls not in the right mindset. He
Majala Rating
At the moment, I'm giving it a low rating .... the premise of an older experienced man manipulating a young girl to fall in love so he can capture it - particularly given the first seduction is borderline non consensual because she is drunk ... doesn't sit well in the current #metoo climate. I'm sure it will turn around and he will end up becoming a genuine "prince" rather than pretending and taking her viginity ... but a naive young girl and a manipulative and bullying older man .... "prey" is spot on in the title
Atilollipop Rating
He saved her only to take advantage, I'm not a fan of the male leads forceful nature; go ahead if you are. The female lead is childish and easily swayed which make this a little irritating to read but if your into the whole naive
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