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RoxasRoad13 Rating
It's a very cute story with lovable characters! It gives a different approach when it comes to relationships and dating. I'm very excited to read the next chapters!
Noweverman Rating
It is beautiful manga
finnertings Rating
It's a really great story. Completely different to other yaoi stories
nickel Rating
As of this review, Chapter 6 is the latest and it might be finally moving up hill in the quality of relationship development. I was hoping the manga would handle gender expression and acceptance in a progressive way, but unfortunately it's fairly shallow. I enjoy a combination of BL and TL, so the smut is fun, but the story could use some work.
blackrabbit333 Rating
It's a cute story with nice artwork!
dman94 Rating
This is soo good, cute girl, cute boy, and good romance
Lemonpotato Rating
This is fantastic! The concept is interesting and creative! There is a lot of complexity and interest in the story line and characters! I'm always wondering what'll happen next and how they'll solve the next problem! I look forward to the next chapter! <3
RiniRini21 Rating
I almost didn't read this one because it didn't seem to actually be BL. But I quite enjoyed the gender swap of the uke character. It put a different spin on what may have traditionally been a cross dressing BL.
Monique Rating
It's so sweet I hope the next chapter comes out soon!
Alyssianrei Rating
Very cute, weird concept for gender bending but I've really enjoyed it so far!!
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