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Rhasputin Rating
This is basically unreadable. The pacing is so insanely fast that the story line didn't make sense. It jumped around so sporadically that you can't really keep track of the characters and their relationships. Scenes that should take place over 5-10 pages are compressed dow to single page encounters. Definitely pass.
OzawaShuri Rating
I loved this more than the first one, like FINALLY an uke who actually listens to their seme when he tells them to not get alone with a guy if I'm not around and the confession was the cutest
beitfamily Rating
i... really did not enjoy this. the arts okay, the storys okay, the smuts okay, but i can't figure out what makes this one of the most popular bl on renta...?- theres almost no plot- any angst is solved in 2-4 pages (not joking, go and check). i found both characters really boring, as well? most the dialogue was either “atsushi!” or “tsukasa!” lol. you learn almost nothing about either of them and its really uninteresting. and all this would be fine if the smut made up for it (because lbr, thats what a lot of us are here for), but thats my next problem--the smut is boring. it goes from 0-100 SO fast. i know a lot of bls do this but in this one its just laughable... id be fine if this was pwp (happier, even), but theres not even that much? and what IS there is meaningless?this is my first bad review.. its not completely unreadable and it might be alright for Babys First BL but just know theres so much better stuff out there :')(also i really hate the way atsushis ass is drawn lmfao)
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
4 and a half star. The cover and title are misleading. So for a good time I thought nope when I saw it. Then I read a review about consent and was like OH? This story is like super cute. If it may seem fast paced to some, but I liked it a lot. Drama pops up and is dealt with almost as quickly with reason. It is 98% consent and 100% cute.
ChiiMotosua Rating
So here's the thing: Because of the title, I was expecting this to be a coming of age/out sort of story, of a guy who gets in an awkward situation and has to figure out what he really wants and it would be romantic, a little angsty and deep...this is NOT that. Not to say it's bad, but I would describe this as a sweet, slice of life, fluffy romance with a triple helping of sex. There is so much sex, I was honestly surprised. There is no real plot until #7-8, and even then it's brief. But, it's otherwise good, just don't expect anything deep whatsoever and you'll enjoy it.
AinoKusabi Rating
If you're into romance involving sweet college boys, you should find this story enjoyable. The uke is a bit of an airhead with zero confidence, and the seme is overprotective, but interestingly enough, the dynamic between them works, as they try to create a solid bond. Just so you know, the sex is consensual, and the seme really does care about his partner.
SakuraDgreat Rating
The story is simple. It has a great start but going too fast toward the end. I would love to see a little bit more monologue on Atsushi side and some blushing as he figure out his action and relation with Tsukasa.
shippa Rating
It's alright, the art is a bit stiff and the relationship not really well written. I'm usually impressed with the ones renta decides to put in their ads but this was a bit of a letdown
ShortyI Rating
It's okay. The smut is decent so if that's what you're looking for then go for it. However if you're looking for indepth plot or indepth characters, not sure if this is for you. Kinda regret using my points for this but oh well
pakuyasa Rating
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