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AinoKusabi Rating
I have mixed feelings about One-Sided Love Triangle. The art is very pretty and the characters seem interesting, but there's a bit of a creep factor when it comes to Mizuki, Riku's ex-student. He is way too forceful, and I don't care for what he does in the first chapter. Of course, thanks to his actions, I can't help but feel sadness for his cousin Kyousuke. At this point, it seems the story can go one of two ways, either it will get worse and not in a good way, or by some twist of fate Riku, the pretty English teacher, will somehow figure things out. But the story has just started so whatever happens, I hope Riku fulfills her heart's desire.
PassionDevourer Rating
I feel like she made the wrong choice. There is some serious non-consent in the first chapter, and Riku internalizes and blames herself for it. I don't agree with that and I think he should be called out on it properly. But the story does kind of go in an interesting direction, and it's curious to see where it goes.
Mouse Rating
I was really disappointed with this one. They had the PERFECT setup! Great art, amazing dialogue, likeable characters, exciting plot, the whole shebang. But they went and killed it by having the outside love interest resort to brute force out of nowhere. Just pinned her down and forced his tongue in her mouth like that's supposed to win her over. ? What makes me angry about stories like this is that that'll probably work! She probably will fall for him in the end, ugh. They could have done so much more with this plot... I was looking forward to an engaging, tantalizing, sexy mind game of lust and temptation! But nope. Instead they went with the same ridiculous plot of "She said no but that doesn't matter! I want her, so she's MINE! She doesn't know it yet, so I'll show her by taking her body by force!" ???
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love, love love-triangles! And this one looks good. Riko and her bf Kyousuke are teachers at a high school and live together. They get along great and are cute together. His younger cousin Mizuki comes to stay with them. But he and Riko have a shared past and he's got unfinished business with her. So good!!!
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Well, i don't understand why some people choose their past rather than the new when they are already capable to each and other. I feel so sad and angry at the same time, yet so lame but wonderful story still, i choose my present than my past even how unfinished bussiness relationship we have. Thanks for this Manga it's really great truely one sided
Taryn Rating
Loved it.
PaperSunflower Rating
Love! Art is fantastic, and you don't have to suffer a wait for the romance/action to pick up speed.
ToukoLove Rating
It started good, wonder whats gonna happen next.
Pami Rating
I actually really love this. I can't wait to read the next chapters! I love the way it's going so far with the love triangle. Two adorable handsome men. I also want to say that the art is very lovely.