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mushrooms Rating
I'm so excited to see where this story goes. I love yandere characters and the hint of stalking we've already gotten is so interesting, hopefully this story delves further into the psychological aspect instead of just paying it lip service.
hanandduke Rating
Oh can't wait for the next chapter!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
What is going on here? So intriguing. It's got blackmail and stalking for sure. Miyako is a trip. There is like almost zero backstory and the story has taken off like a gunshot, but I just can't get this outta my mind. Ch. 2's cliffy just took this to the next level of intrigue. Art's great and characters are complicated. Really good. They're gonna be seeing a whole lot more of each other now.
8anime8lover8 Rating
I enjoyed this a lot. It's seemed a tad rushed at first but the timing ended up perfect. I look forward to more! Smutty blackmail with a twist without full "forced". ~
bockbockfox Rating
Really good, i can't wait to see where this goes.
radish Rating
If you love arrogant rich boys being put in their place, you should read this!! It's so good, I love this ship dynamic +Q+ Can't wait for more chapters!!!!!
easterlily16 Rating
Cute art, interesting characters. Seeing a meek, herbivore type of guy turns aggressive within seconds definitely gives the character a somewhat psychopathic trait, but that's exactly what makes it interesting. Still waiting for more character development.
SunnyEWA Rating
At first I wasn't sure it would be a good story for me. There's the pressure and switching of personalities in the first few volumes that make you question what's going on. As one reviewer said rushed. That's where I lost the star in my review.I'm at volume 5 though and it's getting very interesting. The POV has changed and feel of dominance is different. The power exchange between them is starting to become intriguing, and I think someone is about to experience life in a new way. It's always interesting what triggers brainpaths to new ways of connecting. (Raised eyebrow)
Mizlissa Rating
Chapter 4 was a bit of a let down. He finally makes our seme cum, works up the courage to ask him out only to be turned down!!
dinodinorawr Rating
I love stories like this *_*
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