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hikaharu Rating
Uwwooohhh~!! I see two alphas kiss, i shall give it 5
reimagami Rating
Love the omegaverse stories! Never enough of them, and this one is hot hot hot! Don't normally like 3TP but this is great! Cannot wait to see where it leads!
SunnyEWA Rating
This is the second twist on the omegsverse were a possible alpha into omega mutation may occur that I've read. Though this is the only one with a possible 3P. Most of the stories are very possessive to the point that only one partner is possible. I'm going to keep buying these and see were it goes from here. Personal opinion here but the Mother needs her behavior checked even if it is some PTSD from a cheating mate.
mayiek Rating
oh damnn ? This hit all my yes buttons ? & when will be the next chapter released? ?
Maddie26 Rating
This seems like a very interesting story. Awesome beginning.
ChattyK2125 Rating
Horny as sin! Lots of threesomes with the boys or even images! Oh my! Loved every minute of it!
ienggg Rating
Ahhh wish there was more!!!! I love the art,the plot twists, and the humor. Like Yuu in the chapter being like you all know I was a top ??? LOL. There is a happy 3p ending and the point of choosing love choosing was exactly what I enjoy subverting the fated love trope
Ftgdggsoogst Rating
I love this store very very much but I hope it doesn't end like it did I want to see him get the boys I hope they become mates not just one or I don't like that I want both of them to be his
ebookrenta05g06uyar Rating
I don't want him to choose , I love all of them together
dianalim Rating
Oh no! Can't wait next chapter. ;_;
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