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hikaharu Rating
Uwwooohhh~!! I see two alphas kiss, i shall give it 5
reimagami Rating
Love the omegaverse stories! Never enough of them, and this one is hot hot hot! Don't normally like 3TP but this is great! Cannot wait to see where it leads!
SunnyEWA Rating
This is the second twist on the omegsverse were a possible alpha into omega mutation may occur that I've read. Though this is the only one with a possible 3P. Most of the stories are very possessive to the point that only one partner is possible. I'm going to keep buying these and see were it goes from here. Personal opinion here but the Mother needs her behavior checked even if it is some PTSD from a cheating mate.
Maddie26 Rating
This seems like a very interesting story. Awesome beginning.
ktenos99 Rating
I don't usually go for omegaverse, or enjoy it, but damn. Hot smut scenes here. The two alphas are super hot, and the omega is cute af. Need more action between the alphas for 5 stars!!!
Bluebird Rating
I love omegaverse~
sgpink22 Rating
It's one of my favorite.I really like the story
ebookrenta0gg8ayycy Rating
I love this I need more
Moonflower Rating
Great manga!
animepie Rating
Just read the first chapter and I just expected 3P smut and boy did I get that. Phew! That was hot. But I am seriously curious about the plot now. Definitely buying the rest. The two alphas kissed and that definitely raised its score.
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