User Reviews For: Tipsy Transformation -The Best Way to Enjoy Your Housekeeper-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!!! This is so good! Arts great, story pacing is moving along just fine and the characters are already pretty likable. I love gender swap stories. This one seems like it's pretty cute so far, but has some heat as well. I like it!!!
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Hahaa. Honestly, some gender bender is really annoying and kinda disgusting. But! Wow! This one is Amazing Hahaha it was fun reading, i love how the author put this to be interesting
Winx Rating
This is so good! the character is intersting!
ebookrenta0u9g03eb4 Rating
i just love it, cant wait to read more of it
casshl Rating
The art is good and it's super good feeling! If you like cute fluffiness with a little side of gender bending, this is the one for you!Art is good and the two main characters are super cute!
Poprock Rating
Very cute and addicting
Anabell63 Rating
I like it
theakaneko Rating
Oh my, this series looks like it will be fun :-) what a clever take on the gender bending idea. Cant wait to see more!
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