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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yes!!!! This is so good! Arts great, story pacing is moving along just fine and the characters are already pretty likable. I love gender swap stories. This one seems like it's pretty cute so far, but has some heat as well. I like it!!!
MissLucyPlum Rating
This manga was good, but I don't feel like it belongs in the BL tag. It's a slow burn romance wise but the smut does happens fast. The art is good, and the pacing is okay but feels a bit rushed at the end. I really liked the characters as individuals. Aoi is super cute and Touya is a decent guy.However, I didn't like them as a couple, and the primary reason is I never felt like Touya accepted Aoi as a gay man. It always felt like Touya was dating Aoi the woman and Aoi the man was just his friend, especially after his reaction to Aoi coming out to him. Additionally, there's only one M/M sex scene and it's at the end and feels like an afterthought or an obligatory scene inserted just for BL lovers. All the other sex scenes are M/F.Technically, this is a BL book because at the end of the day Aoi is a man, but the primary focus is on Aoi's female form. So, just kind of a heads up to BL lovers that this book doesn't really fit the category.Other than that, it was good.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Hahaa. Honestly, some gender bender is really annoying and kinda disgusting. But! Wow! This one is Amazing Hahaha it was fun reading, i love how the author put this to be interesting
Doggerz Rating
This was a really interesting idea for a gender-bend story, and I love how Aoi's sister and Akira were also prominent characters that got their own development--wouldn't hesitate to read a spin-off of them if it exists or will exist in the future.The ONLY reason I dropped a star was because, like another reviewer said, the leads got a whopping three pages dedicated to making love with Aoi in his true, male body. And considering how Aoi being a man was the primary reason for all of his insecurities and the reason the drama lasted as long as it did, it honestly started really frustrating me around 9, 10 chapters in that all of the sex scenes so far had Aoi in his female body. Kudos to the author for acknowledging that in the last chapter, but 3 pages of an easily 200+ page story where we finally see Touya truly accept Aoi's male body just doesn't cut it for me. Still a cute story with a happy ending, but I would love a sequel where we get more of the love-making with a male Aoi.
Winx Rating
This is so good! the character is intersting!
Poprock Rating
Very cute and addicting
Agumon71 Rating
This had a great story and the romance between the 2 leads was top notch. I was honestly surprised how much I ended up enjoying this series. I bought the first 2 parts to give it a shot and quickly bought the whole series afterwards. Would recommend for romance lovers and fans of tf.
Yeyo101 Rating
Overall loved the comic, just kinda annoyed me how it took the entirety of the maga just for touya to kiss him in dude form and finally do it in dude form.
Qyubey Rating
Absolutely fantastic, and a great story with genderbend, yaoi, and straight content. The main characters are very sweet to each other and the sex scenes are really nice and arousing. One of the better love stories with gender bend I've ever read. Only problem is I want more!
0hRa30h Rating
I'm so in love with both Aoi and Touya! As well as their merry crazy little group. They're both imperfectly perfect for each other. I enjoyed reading about the build up in their relationship, and working out their insecurities. I wish there's more after this though.
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