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LadyLavellan Rating
I think this series has real potential! This volume only gets as far as introducing the couple but right from the start you get some pretty steamy scenes so that was exciting! I'd like to see where the pair go from here. I dig the serious lawyer x sweet yakuza dynamic. Looking forward to the next volume.
prismriveronnie Rating
I thought it was sweet! There is some drama and the story is mostly about the uke coming to terms to his feelings for the seme. Also, the way the seme loved the uke was really cute to me.
samllama27 Rating
Steamy! The tense love between Aki and Ryu is fun to read, and I want to see Aki really fall for Ryu and see them get beyond the angry stage of using each other they seem to be stuck in. I can't wait to read more of this series.
Pake Rating
Nice but the end felt like it was cut short
Hadifer Rating
Idk why it made me feel dramatic haha. Ahhh just when he finally realized his feelings it ends. I want to see a love making that is actually full of love now that they are both aware. Nothing too dramatic, but I held my breath when I saw Ryuji at chapter 5. I still love it, good read.
05281996dyanne Rating
This is worth the read!
Momoni Rating
The smexy scenes were good! I like when Aki finally realize Ryuji is the one for him in the end. It makes this story perfect without any unnecessary drama.
nickel Rating
I don't usually go for love triangles, but for a unrequited love triangle, this one ended pretty fairly! An adequate amount of consent, a suitable resolution. Hot scenes. Everyone's still friends, there's a short bit of established relationship with the couple in the end, very sweet! I would have loved to see more of the Aki's cuteness desires supported, but there's a satisfying enough amount, I suppose. A nice, endearing read!
esp13 Rating
This yaoi has interesting characters and mix of wholsome and tragic moments. The smut is well draw too, which is a plus ;)
vanessaudrey Rating
one of the best yaoi manga I have ever read
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