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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Awww. This is bittersweet and has a bit of a taboo premise. How this goes, I'm not sure. It definitely has a really sweet feel to it, but there is a lot of turmoil going on in Airi's head. He's a total bro-con for his older bro Yuichi. And Airi's bf is completely unaware so far. Ohhh this is gonna tug at my heartstrings I just know it!! Art is amazing. There's some humor and so much feels!!! More please!!!
nr34547 Rating
Love the story and art! So many feels but a must to keep reading!! Looking forward to reading the next chapter, hopefully soon!!
Lemonadecandy Rating
It is an amazing story. The art is too notch, you can clearly see what each character is feeling amd what thoughts are going through their heads. Their faces are extremely expressive. As for the story you can't help but feel both happy and sad for the characters. If only we had a better scan version and the company cared to use English words for sfx, doing justice to this masterpiece.
drinds Rating
Love it!!!
AinoKusabi Rating
The art is gorgeous--love the character's facial expressions--and the characters themselves are beautiful. It's a bit too early to get into the story, but it's pretty good so far. Can't wait for more updates!
beefly Rating
Can't wait to see what happens next!!
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