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Hexerus Rating
Haha this was great! The preview was so funny I bought the volume right away. It didn't dissapoint. The guys are super hot and so were the sex scenes. Worth every penny!!
dirtyangeltoes Rating
It was very, very refreshing to read a yaoi with two friend characters where their misunderstanding about where their relationship stands didn't get forced down your throat the whole volume. Any angst gets resolved properly and is not dragged out like so many manga artists like to do.Both characters are idiots but irrefutably into one another. There's lots of great kinky smut and beautiful art, along with a cute story that isn't prolonged or riddled with pointless drama when there could be yaoi sex!
cynicalcow Rating
Really cute and hot! Although, there's not much plot. About... 70% of this manga are sex scenes? It's rather fluffy with a touch of angst. It's not clear on the preview but Nozomu (light-haired dude) is the top and Rin (dark-haired dude) is the bottom.
makeupgirl1997 Rating
This is a must read. It has great, detailed smut (if you're into that), and an awesome plot. All issues are resolved quickly instead of being dragged out for no reason. The love that grows between the two main characters is really heart pulling. Facial expressions are great, and super believable story. Totally recommend. I ended up originally renting it but upgraded it so I can own it because it was that good.
kyokobaby Rating
Hilarious. Great art. It's been out a day and I've read it twice already
mizore Rating
The start of the story was so funny lolThe sex scene also nice! Overall it was so so for me though.
Helga Rating
This is by far my favourite Yaoi manga; I've read it so many times.The art is the best I've seen in any manga, super realistic with gorgeous facial expressions (one scene in particular - "Do you want to go back to being just friends?" - the expressions make my heart hurt, they're so well drawn and emotive.)The body language is also realistic, every posture expresses the characters' emotions, from tense shoulders, sidelong looks, curled toes... the artist has put so much love and attention into this work and it shows. The love story is beautiful and made me very emotional, the sex scenes are super erotic. I defy anyone to buy this and not find it perfect.
fideliashoshanah Rating
This was about a thousand times better than I expected when I bought it. To start with, the art is phenomenal, the characters are distinct and attractive, and their expressions are clear and communicate feelings very well. I had hoped this impulse buy would be funny and hot (and it is!) but I didn't expect to get hit so hard in the feels when emotions came into play. There isn't a huge amount of drama to be found here, which is honestly refreshing. Don't think, though, that means this story doesn't hit satisfying emotional beats! Love epiphanies, confessions, and event the gradual, unremarked changes to their apartment as they grow closer more than bring the warm fuzzies to what is otherwise a PWP comedy. A seriously good read I know I'm going to come back to for the feels as much as for the steamy art.
radish Rating
Cute and funny hehe
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
This is my favorite story on Renta! It is absolutely adorable. Definitely will be re-reading! It's happy, fluffy, smutty, and just perfect!
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