User Reviews For: At the Mercy of the Great King Enma


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Atilollipop Rating
It's okay, but honestly I don't see where the story can be developed both MC are lacking and the story is a bit all over the place. save your coins
lightmelody23 Rating
They went right to it and I'm a bit concerned by it. Tho she is dead so I guess the situation is different in the afterlife. I like the art and the female mc.
Willow Rating
The story feels like it doesn't know where to start. Both MCs have nothing redeemed about them. Also, along with being non-con, the sex scenes are subpar and uncomfortable.
Cakeisspiffy Rating
Honestly? Really good smut scenes and I like the female MC a lot. She's super funny, and her dynamic with the male MC is interesting. I do want to know how this story will develop though, since as other reviewers have mentioned, the story is still lacking a bit. But I enjoy the art and when I don't take it too seriously, I find myself coming back to reread it.
Pami Rating
I love it! The art is really nice and the smut is too. Can't wait to read more!!
kitten91 Rating
I enjoy this manga! It's... cute
HishamXNadzra Rating
Ohmyyyy! This one is really funny Hahahahaaa! It's more like hentai xD but i really enjoyed this Manga so much.. Isekai type ^^ kinda love it.. So, i give it 5star.
Risuna Rating
The ending is worth the rollercoaster of events that happen throughout this story. I actually had to go back & reread the first chapter to fully grasp the complexity of everything happening & it was totally worth it
cascawsd Rating
like it.
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