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Thenameislynn Rating
Really beautiful art and well paced plot. I liked how the main character novelist isn't as perverted as I had expected. (I judge plots by their cover and title and half the time I assumed wrongly. Lol!) Spoiler: Characters were able to slowly understand their feelings and work through their emotions and not blindly follow the flow.
0hRa30h Rating
Loved it! Iori & Souma's relationship is goals. Made me laugh/chuckle a lot while reading. I had to read it all to the end in one sitting. It was cute, light and funny for sure.
Tantalusqual Rating
Surprisingly great, which I would never have expected from the cover which just looks mediocre. I got an ad for this title on a page and liked the black and white art style so much that I just had to buy it. The black and white art of this comic is just gorgeous and amazing which pairs nicely with a cute story with two charming protagonists.While there is some teasing, there are no inconsensual act of doing it in the first chapter just to get the readers engaged, just two cuties slowly falling for each other.
Lillybelle Rating
I absolutely love this story line so far! I've never lived volume comics but for some reason this one has me hooked. I can't wait till the next update and i love/hate that cliffhanger and many little secrets that we will learn.
SavageUnicorn Rating
Cute and fluffy.
Manga34 Rating
Really love the art well done. Cute story, would love to read more.
hushsee Rating
First of all I love love the art a lot. Also this couple is just really cute. Souma is best boy!! Really enjoyed this one a lot
CheryLMolla Rating
I love Kujow's artstyle since Blood Domination, and I've seen the promotion for this BL a lot, thank you for translating it!
alienxxi Rating
OH NO. IS THAT THE END ALREADY???? This is such a cute read. The art is so good too! Sexy scenes are really a *chef's kiss* art! Though honestly, the progress of their relationship was kinda fast (for me) it was still a good read for fluff and comedy! I loved it! I had fun reading this manga. Thank you!
lovesfiction97 Rating
...I'm a little surprised by how highly this was rated. It's not terrible, but it's not great either
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