User Reviews For: Room Attendant to a Naughty Novelist!


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Thenameislynn Rating
Really beautiful art and well paced plot. I liked how the main character novelist isn't as perverted as I had expected. (I judge plots by their cover and title and half the time I assumed wrongly. Lol!) Spoiler: Characters were able to slowly understand their feelings and work through their emotions and not blindly follow the flow.
Lillybelle Rating
I absolutely love this story line so far! I've never lived volume comics but for some reason this one has me hooked. I can't wait till the next update and i love/hate that cliffhanger and many little secrets that we will learn.
CheryLMolla Rating
I love Kujow's artstyle since Blood Domination, and I've seen the promotion for this BL a lot, thank you for translating it!
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