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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh my, that Tougo sure grew up handsome. He was so cute as a high schooler. Honoka is going to have to work harder if she's not into him. Psst, yeah right. I love the art. There's little, but good backstory. I like this plot line, it's usually a common trope in yaoi. So this feels fresh in a TL manga. Can't wait to see what Tougo does next!!!
bluerabu Rating
The premise didnt seem bad, but then chapter 2 ends in him forcing himself on her far more aggressively than chapter 1 and she does not respond well. Dont read if you wanna avoid noncon turned Stockholm syndrome tropes.
Tropikaldemon Rating
I read the first chapter and I was beginning to feel like the student was being too forceful and creepy to Honoka. I get that it's a trope, but it's a harmful one.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Woah! I like this manga it's a student x teacher lovestory love this kind of story much. The art is quite good along with the plot tougo is really cute love it can't wait for mooore
Guest Rating
I absolutely love this style of art, almost realistic so the scenes are much more steamy. I think this plot has potential to grow. I'm a sucker for male leads trying to chase the female leads as well so I hope this series doesn't take forever to update.
BMorgan Rating
It is good so far, just hope it do not take a long time for the next one
Andromeda Rating
I like this story so far, I like the character and I'm interested in seeing what develops. The long time crush theme is cute, the art is really good, the male lead's attraction to the female lead is sexy in its strength and possessiveness. I am looking forward to reading more!
HishamXNadzra Rating
Ohmygaaaaawd! The story is pretty interesting where the new chapter sounds like competition on who will choose to be with the FC. And wow! I like mr.tachibana new appearances. It is Haaaaawt! The art is great as always i love this manga ... It triggered me for some reason hahaha. Thanks renta sama stay safe.
mozzarella Rating
I was hooked the moment I saw the preview of this series when it first released. I have the whole current chapters and now looking forward to the seventh!
Jangjangdynasty Rating
The art is really good, it far outpaces many works here. Some of the artwork on other mangas on this site are appalling. Some readers will be very against forceful guys in stories. However, this fictional style of male lead is very common in Japan (note
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