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xykro Rating
It was good but I wanted a little more storyline.
MissMaus Rating
FYI: this story deals with sexual slavery, so keep back if that's not your thing. Not my speed, but if you're into farms where you can "milk" a stud via machinery or yourself, this is right up your alley!
kayer713 Rating
All the stars! The plot, the naughty, the evil villain (CEO). The ending was funny too.
Cram Rating
I don't like this story, it is too abusive. I dislike especially this Professor.
as778026 Rating
By far one of the most boring thing I have read in a very long time.
CrypticMystic Rating
If you're looking for storyline, don't expect much, but if some smut is what you seek, this definitely has it. Would have been better if some of the other 'cows' seemed to be enjoying their work other than being force or mind broken. I wish that the last three chapters were formated like the first so that it was cheaper, and that the main couple had a little more time together. Over all, the full color illustrations were a nice perk
peterpan121 Rating
Overall, I thought it was a great story. I do wish there had been a little more to the ending, but it was still really good.
eboorenta09fwxawqd Rating
The first one was way better it had the entire story this is like 1/3 of a story
Stone Rating
Smut. Not bad.
tep1one Rating
It was a cute,fun and hot history. I love it
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