User Reviews For: Don't Run Away from My Love -Childhood Friends No More-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
So not what I was expecting. I never read the synopsis-ever!!! I was thinking this would be cute cute cute, but it got a bit dub-con on me out of nowhere. Childhood friends Kaori and Ryosuke have an odd relationship and have this thing where they play along to her romantic scenarios. Ok whatevs. But throw in a rival and Ryosuke goes full blown Alpha on a girl, daaaang. Arts pretty good. Girl is too naive about everything men's related, but that's ok. She's got a very good teacher now.
Slinky Rating
Dubcon but then guy is clearly in love with her and very shy about it. Love it
Andromeda Rating
Love this story so far, the male MC is cute and sexy, the female MC is relatable and smart. It's emotional and intriguing. The art is gorgeous. I can't wait for more!
Kyattchan Rating
Ahh.. what a mess of a relationship.. really like the art.. the smut felt a bit off at times but the guy is so hot.. really curious to see what she'll do next n.n
Sittinadzra08 Rating
I just want to say. I hate you Author for making me cry it really hurts! Why you did this manga it was the best NTR that i've ever read. I can't hate the fc since the mc is the same way too for not revealing it as soon as he make a move to her. Mygaaad my heart is broken! I hope they will become together coz! Childhood love is the best ever even thoug i never expirience it in my whole life. This manga deserved a 5 star it was perfect for me can't wait for mooooore
Pami Rating
Wow... this hurt my feelings..........but I welcome the pain. Great story! I'm a huge fan of one-sided love with pretty art.
xx93 Rating
I like a story line very cute but FL is too naive. Art is pretty good.
shirutsune Rating
I like it but the typical shoujo romance is rubbing off where they don't talk to each other, kinda annoying but the scenes are definitely good.
0057409 Rating
So far up to chapter 3, I like the characters and their relationship. If you're into childhood romances this might be a good match for you.
Reader57 Rating
Really like this storyline so far since it's pretty intimate between the main two characters. I really hope all things end well for the both of them! Cant wait for the next chapters!
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