User Reviews For: Don't Run Away from My Love -Childhood Friends No More-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
So not what I was expecting. I never read the synopsis-ever!!! I was thinking this would be cute cute cute, but it got a bit dub-con on me out of nowhere. Childhood friends Kaori and Ryosuke have an odd relationship and have this thing where they play along to her romantic scenarios. Ok whatevs. But throw in a rival and Ryosuke goes full blown Alpha on a girl, daaaang. Arts pretty good. Girl is too naive about everything men's related, but that's ok. She's got a very good teacher now.
mushrooms Rating
*SPOILER ALERT* The art is really good but the plot is mediocre at best. Kaori and Ryosuke are childhood friends who enter into a relationship after Ryosuke forces himself on Kaori and makes her feel bad for not being in love with him.While the end of the story is really cute and fully consensual, the first three or four chapters are a no from me fam. (Plus the contrived love triangle that isn't, really can we not?)
Slinky Rating
Dubcon but then guy is clearly in love with her and very shy about it. Love it
canadiana Rating
Great art, but had to stop after 2nd issue because of the dubious consent - I think it's a stretch to even call it dubious, it straight up seemed non consensual in both sex scenes so far.
Altorrin Rating
Lovely art style.
Kyattchan Rating
Ahh.. what a mess of a relationship.. really like the art.. the smut felt a bit off at times but the guy is so hot.. really curious to see what she'll do next n.n
Andromeda Rating
Love this story so far, the male MC is cute and sexy, the female MC is relatable and smart. It's emotional and intriguing. The art is gorgeous. I can't wait for more!
shirutsune Rating
I like it but the typical shoujo romance is rubbing off where they don't talk to each other, kinda annoying but the scenes are definitely good.
TrashKitten Rating
Hella cute! Short and sweet.
thewipal Rating
i liekd this one
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