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cohen5483 Rating
Lots of potential based off the first ch. The FMC has a pretty solid backstory as being an independent woman who puts her passion for work before love. That being said, she's still human and have feelings and can get hurt - pretty realistic and relatable. Even though it's only the first ch, the story is cleanly doesn't feel sloppy or have things come in from left field like other stories that feel like someone's wild fantasy. There's a lot more we'd like to know about the MMC but for now, he's a gentleman, always consenting first before doing anything. He knows he's cute and uses it to his advantages. Can't wait for the next ch.
Mochi Rating
I usually don't ever write reviews. This is my first one, but that's just how good it is. The FML and ML are both consenting and they love each other very much, plus they both want their significant others to lean on each other. They also both SUPER CUTE!! Whenever a love rival appears, I usually find both leads going straight for the girl without thinking abt what FL wants or vice versa, but our ML was like “it's FML's choice who she chooses to end up with” and with that it's settled 5/5 amazing manga
ChattyK2125 Rating
NO! They are in love! The guy was sweet and nice when she was crying and we thought Takashi was trash. Now, hand him back his orange, give him his meal and say we are even now. Thanks for everything! And turn back to her sweet love if he will stand there that long without being jealous.Like that guy will ever see the inside of her panties!
swimmergal1207 Rating
This one will make you're heart melt! And tbh it's given me HOPE since I'm the same age as the FMC; maybe a younger guy isn't a bad idea ?
sprntrl1234 Rating
I absolutely love this story. I've read this story multiple times. I love the ML and FL leads, the story is good, and the art is beautiful. Hope th author and artist do more stories.
Sighz Rating
Great story, characters, & art. It's relatable, cute, & emotional. Worth the coin/points.
Envymi Rating
This is really really good, you won't regret reading this worth it. STORY is awesome. Hopefully, it Releases faster. I hate waiting haha. And I'm a person seldom or don't even write a review. So if I did write a review is really good. P.SI really like the main character younger little brother. He is so so so CUTE.
Powermanga Rating
I really like this manga...really sweet and soft heart storyline + some smut on it...really enjoyable to read. Love both the MC! Can't wait for the next chapter to be out,hopefully soon + more of this author manga will release on here!
Grace Rating
Such a rollercoaster of emotions, I am looking forward for the next installment. I love all the main characters, I'm hooked!!
sleeper195 Rating
Absolutely adorable!!!
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