User Reviews For: Falling Fast! -Every Night the Sandman Comes to Take Me (In A Dirty Way)-


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Risuna Rating
Only read the first chapter & already hooked - this is a forgotten fantasy I used to have - I love the sexy portrayal of the sandman as a spirit who feeds off of sleep energy & of course hers is delious~ I can't wait to read more, I really hope the story turns out to be a good one
MirjaHNSFW Rating
I was pleasantly surprised by the story. Even though it's short it's sweet and hot. I especially liked how the MC got honest - instead of the usual female good girl type that keeps yelling no during sex scenes in many manga. I'm all for sex-positivity and owning one's own wants and needs. This short story depicted that, too. Kudos to the author and artist.
Weeb4Life Rating
An excellent series that's short and sweet, with plenty of really great smut. I love the incredible clean and sharp art, the smut is hot, detailed and varied, with lots of sound effects and some of my fav kinks, and the characters are very attractive, though I'm not fond of how their noses seem to disappear when they face us. There's a simple but substantial plot, with a basic set-up/build-up/pay-off structure that left me feeling completely satisfied with the HEA. I appreciate the fact that the artist didn't artificially lengthen the series with lots of unnecessary padding and pointless side-plots, this feels properly paced and condensed, with every scene serving a purpose (beyond pure fap material). I'm thoroughly sick of series dragging on needlessly, so I'm not at all disappointed this wasn't any longer. I definitely recommend this to any and everyone, it's a great read at a great price.
inazuma Rating
I honestly never imagined the sandman as a hot guy but now I can't get that image out of my head.Another addition to my list of hot things that keep me awake at night.
marymw356 Rating
I liked this manga but i think they moved it along too quickly. I feel that it is a good start with so much potential to be a GREAT series!
ZebraQueen Rating
So sexy and a good story. It's short and sweet without being rushed at all. The characters were good, and the storyline worked really well. The art was also very nice. I only wish there were more - I read this more than once because I like it so much. Can someone find me a Sandman?
Ricelily Rating
If you want a quick fix, it's a good rent! The plot moves at light speed so be prepared.
Kiri101 Rating
Charming yet spicy
Tropikaldemon Rating
Really enjoyed this cute and hot story ??
riceball Rating
wow! Read just the first chapter and I can say is. I feel like its my fantasy lol in a way. I daydream naughty things before bed cuz of naughty manga lol.... so far I'm loving it... things escalated pretty fast but I like it like that. Don't like too much build up. But thats me. I'd highly recommend this.
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