User Reviews For: The Blue-collar Farmer and the Flat Maiden -You're Kidding, Right? In the Greenhouse...!?-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This moves very very quickly lol! Akari is super duper dense. 3 years and never realized how her
nana Rating
Hoping it gets better. Moves fast is right... And there first chapter ends right when things are heating up... Kind of annoying timing wise. Would like to find out how he knows her in the next chapter. Also, it's a little difficult to read on your phone, if that's how you read on here.
Cdevilx Rating
The men were super hot, but the female lead was brain dead. Her personality made it harder to read and i have no idea why any of the male leads would like her. I prefer books with strong female leads so I'm biased against airheads.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Woaa! I almost dropped this one without noticing the changes between the FMC's. The story is in a great pace now ... The ex lover that is a gay, is totally funny hahaa. Great ending for me
Sittinadzra08 Rating
I'll give it 5 star coz' i like the Arts and how the story begins ..
1H4nDyed3 Rating
Fast paced but a very sweet story. Lots of sex scenes so...enjoy ;)
MadamMint Rating
The art is well done and I love how the brothers bicker. My complaint is that yes, the story moves fast, but the MC just LET'S anyone do anything to her. A hamster could overpower her and knock her down. Overall, it was okay.
Jasmyn109 Rating
Very cute! It was fast pace and I just want to read more! Maybe more in depth stories about the brothers.
uunanay Rating
Super cute
eboorenta08p2xx9nz Rating
The love between the two of them is amazing!! I got hooked after one chapter. I can't wait to read more!
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