User Reviews For: Goodbye Mermaid Princess: Wet for You


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love this!!!! It's full of whimsy. Art is very pretty. It's a spin on a childhood classic. Hoping Junta is worthy of her heart. I wonder who the evil villainess will be?
ReaderLover123 Rating
Not much smut but I love this relationship. The Girl is likable and the guy is a decent human being for once. Both like each other and I adore watching their relationship bloom.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
OMG! This is a good read!! Yay! This kind of manga is really rare specially in renta but what a surpised im sooo greatful with this Author, she knows how to make viewers happy. I love mermaid since child up until now and this is currently my favourite
SweetBeans Rating
Loving this so far. The art is really fluid and dynamic, the steamy scenes are fantastic, and to top it all off, the protagonist is adorable and the guy's a total sweetheart. Can't wait for more!
HishamXNadzra Rating
Uwaaaaah ... This is such a good read i love both of MC's Junta is a kind hearted guy that every woman deserves to be with. I love mermaid sooooo much and it is rare to read such genuine story like this! Thank you so so much erenta team i love every mangas you all updating and sharing with us and forever greatfull to those Author and Artist. Stay safe everyone Godbless
Lovlayne91 Rating
This is a beautiful story, Junta and Miumi are perfect. Junta is her unsuspecting Prince Charming, and Miumi a very distressed mermaid princess. I recommend this to anyone who is sucker for modern fairytale romance with some heated intimate scenes (>////<). Of course there are things that I wish the author had explained but nothing I'll cry over, because overall I loved the story. A 100% definitely worth the points.
rainbowsparklez Rating
Super cute!
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