User Reviews For: Sadistic Secrets and Masochistic Mysteries


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Capitulate Rating
I shouldn't have. I had a feeling I knew where this was going from the preview, but because of the hot Megane, I rented it anyway. I'm going to give it 2 stars because the art is decent and the glasses guy is good to look at, but that's all that's good here. It's predictable to the point that I almost missed the 'twist' at first because this reads like every boring 'good girl with a secret' and 'bossy/domineering girl gets what she really wants' manga for guys. I was really hoping the MC would be taking the awkward male MC in a sweet but forceful way, but as always the word sadistic when applied to women in manga mostly means being crass and violent. The guy, isn't compelling either. If you like exhibitionism(mostly imagined), you might dig this. It's meh for me, which brings me to this thing's greatest failing. It isn't sexy at all. The supposed 'sexy time' is really short. He barely touches her and it doesn't show anything. Save for some panty shots this barely passes as Love manga.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Scratching head as I try to type this review. Whaaaa? Did I just read? It's such a complete twist and unexpected. I love it!!! Definitely needs more backstory to make this an even better story. But so far it's definitely interesting and I like the art and contradictions in each mc's personality. Next one please.
sasaraRH Rating
Omgosh first review!! Yay, but now to business, shall we... this freaking hot as hell!!!! Ooooo!!! *fanning myself * talk about look out for the quiet ones, main guy is a freak who gets the main girl hot, the main girl is amazing personality wise (I connect with her so much) but, uh, so hot, the H scenes are great, and just, can't wait for more. Highly recommend. Great first chapter. Oooo
baekmari Rating
Oh sh*t, what did I just read haha. Holy moly there were more twists and turns in this first chapter than a pretzel and I LOVED IT. Art is amazing, story is hot, funny, and original.
loopysheep Rating
Hot as hell.
Renta27 Rating
Nishimura is a sadist on another level <3
Risuna Rating
I absolutely loved this series & the ending was amazing~! Definitely recommend if you're into S/M relationships