User Reviews For: Let Me Consume It All. -The Love Affair of a Carnivore-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Too freakin cute!!!! Meat puns!!! Hunky guy disguised as herbivore type but is all carnivore, sign me up!!!! Souta is mine!!!! The girl is cute and utterly clueless. It's funny it's cute and steamy.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Hahahahaaa... What a cutie i loved this series so much. It's really funny XDD I found myself enjoying the manga alot! Souta is really adorable and haaawwttt! And the FC is a freaky eater Hahahaha. Thanks erenta hope for mooooore chapters
theakaneko Rating
Oh my! Between the meat puns, the innuendoes, how delicious all the "meating" foods sound, this was a great series. Hot and steamy in several ways, and a ton of fun to read! And our couple are adorbs together!
HishamXNadzra Rating
Hahaa. Indeed deserved a 5star the story pace is really gooooood i like both MC's and i can't waaaait for moooore
sweettea517 Rating
Ooh love this one! Both MC's personalities are pretty funny and the main guy is hot!! They eat a lot of meat together and it's funny because everything can be an innuendo ahah~ Steamy scenes are great as well, I'm enjoying where the story is going! Would definitely recommend a read.
votoran Rating
Super cute story.
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