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ssmiles Rating
It's a very cute story about a very clueless woman trying to teach a very arrogant man about love. She's so cute and filled with hope and he's just the opposite. Their interactions are so cute. Worth the 200 points. Can't wait for the next release!
sleeper195 Rating
The art is wonderful! It's so clean and pretty! So far, the characters seem likeable. More recently I feel like when a female MC is a closet otaku she's usually a fujoshi and I cannot really identify with that though that is absolutely funny. But Yui is an otaku who loves shojo and otome games so it's very funny to read about her. I'm glad that she isn't the stupid and idiot at work type. Takase, the male MC seems typical right now and there's nothing wrong with that! So far I really like both of them. Will continue!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute!! Cute and cute!!! Yui is an office lady that loves her 2-D hotties and her experience with love is based solely off of 2-D lol!!! But when her boss Mr. Takase disses the importance of love she's on a mission to set him straight. Except she's totally clueless!!! But I'm loving how he's already noticing her and acting strange too!!! Oh and that kiss at the end? Oh my!!! So goood. Can't wait to see where these two crazy kids wind up. Hopefully they teach each other how great love can be!!!??
Cuzcatz Rating
Totally love a manga that represents Fangirls/Fujoshi! I love Yui chan! The main heroine really represents the life of a typical fangirl who loves 2D man, listens otome drama cds, idols etc. eventhough she gained her love experience from fictional media, but she still innocent and yet to experience real love and I'm looking forward how she can teach the arrogant Kazuki about this.. the first encounter was so funny hahah can't wait for next chapter !!
hempress Rating
love it so far! both characters are adorable and I'm excited to see where this story goes!
PeachRenta Rating
The art here is beautiful!!! Add in an interesting story. I'll definitely follow. I am now prepared for steamy scenes.
0821Fabe Rating
The art to this series is SOOO good! They make the male mc so attractive looking! And the female mc so adorable! the story is so cute too, I love the ambition of the female mc of trying to make the male mc believe in love. He's already falling for her and I need more updates FAST pls!!
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