User Reviews For: I'm Now Homeless, So I Let an Aggressive Host Take Me in as His Pet [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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hushsee Rating
Just finished really this and really wasn't expecting that twist, but it was really enjoyable and I really love those two a lot. They are so cute together! I liked this a lot with the little twist and how it was handled. I just thought those two are really adorable I love them. Nothing too serious, a pretty light read. It is pretty cheesy, bUT gonna to buy unlimited because I would read again. This couple is just cute.
LMonster2 Rating
This is a great story about love transcending time. It is so funny and cute!
Supersilt Rating
It's so cute and such a heart-warming story.A good bite-size BL manga to read.
ChattyK2125 Rating
At first it just seemed he was out for body but then he said the L word! And then they were separated. How awful. To wait and watch 5 years not even knowing if things will happen the same way. LOVE, LOVE this love yaoi story!
HorseObsessed Rating
??OMG!!! I L?VE THIS MANGA SO MUCH!!!??? Unfortunately I purchased it a little too soon the sale ends on the 9-1 over here & I am out of points & money until Friday ??? It's so fun with some danger in it. The sex scenes are, I think, tastefully done. Get this one, you need to get this one!?
malcosky Rating
I really loved this manga since I bought the book version & it was even better to have it translated. Thank you Renta for translating this.
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