User Reviews For: I'm Now Homeless, So I Let an Aggressive Host Take Me in as His Pet [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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hushsee Rating
Just finished really this and really wasn't expecting that twist, but it was really enjoyable and I really love those two a lot. They are so cute together! I liked this a lot with the little twist and how it was handled. I just thought those two are really adorable I love them. Nothing too serious, a pretty light read. It is pretty cheesy, bUT gonna to buy unlimited because I would read again. This couple is just cute.
LMonster2 Rating
This is a great story about love transcending time. It is so funny and cute!
Supersilt Rating
It's so cute and such a heart-warming story.A good bite-size BL manga to read.
ChattyK2125 Rating
At first it just seemed he was out for body but then he said the L word! And then they were separated. How awful. To wait and watch 5 years not even knowing if things will happen the same way. LOVE, LOVE this love yaoi story!
mushrooms Rating
The romance, for me, seems kind of rushed, but the mystery behind his apparent time travel and the rush of the climax were so good I would say it's worth it to at least rent and read once.
HorseObsessed Rating
??OMG!!! I L?VE THIS MANGA SO MUCH!!!??? Unfortunately I purchased it a little too soon the sale ends on the 9-1 over here & I am out of points & money until Friday ??? It's so fun with some danger in it. The sex scenes are, I think, tastefully done. Get this one, you need to get this one!?
malcosky Rating
I really loved this manga since I bought the book version & it was even better to have it translated. Thank you Renta for translating this.
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