User Reviews For: This Sweet Thirst Is His Fault -The Movie Director and The Innocent Girl-


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slayriah Rating
The plot isn't anything amazing but the art style is really nice. Main character is cute and the main guy is literally super hot. Like,,,,,,,I'm shook. I'm sure future chapters will be even hotter ^^
ebookrenta0szqo4jat Rating
Missing a lot of backstory that explains the main character's stubbornness....perhaps it will be explained later? If would really improve the quality of the storyline. The artwork is lovely, and the characters sexy.
Teal Rating
Great art but...Chizuru...doesn't have the best ideas...
HishamXNadzra Rating
This deserved a 5star! The Art is really fantastic and i love the story pace ... Damn! I cant wait for mooooooore .. Thanks erenta for picking this one and always serving as a good and wonderful manga. Stay safe everyone
tokimekicrisis Rating
He's so hot and this is such a steamy read but for some reason I think the FMC is a bit annoying...
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh my goodness!!!! This is oh so very very good y'all!!!! Hello stranger!!! Ok Hagiwara isn't a total stranger to Chizuru but it's been years since they've kept in touch. I want to know why she rejected him back in college. What's happened to him? Is he really homeless now or is he plotting something to finally get the woman of his dreams? Art is GORGEOUS. Just enough intrigue to keep me chomping at the bit for more. Off to a great and steamy start. More please!!!!
shirutsune Rating
The main guy is really hot and oooohh boooyy this is gonna be spicy
bunniefufu Rating
This story seems to be off on a good start but also seems very cliched too at the same time. It does have it's one mystery which is why the FMC did not want to be with the MMC. The art is amazing and beautiful. I gave this 4 stars because it seems cliched but besides that, off to a great start~.
Ricelily Rating
The sample got me. I thought I was in for a silly rom com but it wasn't quite that. Stayed for the art but it's a skeleton plot. The neck-breaking fast pace is jarring and distracting, it's trying so hard to hit the key points of the story's outline while throwing in sexy time. I wish there was a better build up. If you really wanna read it, I recommend renting this one.
mochisenpai Rating
It's beautifully designed and drawn, particularly the setting design for the house that features like a character itself, but the writing feels a little rushed, and the characters (history, motivations, growth) consequently feel a little shallow. The bones of the story are good, the romance is sweet, with the conflict realistically being sourced in the characters' failings/insecurities, and the frequent snusnu is moderately hot in a way that feels more romantic than what's in a lot of other “adult” romances, but I wish the story had time to breathe and the characters had more time to develop. As it is, characters are left looking foolish for making decisions for plot reasons instead of (vaguely sketched out) motives, and plot pieces are introduced jarringly. It's a shame; this could've been one of the best reads on this site if the writing could manage to overcome its failings. Ah, well. If we could give half stars, I'd give this 3? stars. A solid rental, but I wouldn't read it again.