User Reviews For: Off with the Skirt and out Comes the Beast! -I'm Surrounded by Cross-Dressing Men!-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute!!!!!!! Mistaken identities. Long lost childhood friends. Cross dressing. Blackmail. It's all here. Love the art. The pacing is click clockity fast. I like like like it!!!! More please :)
cohen5483 Rating
Art is pretty - came across this from another series by the same mangaka but that's it's only redeeming quality. The story's shallow and follows all the other cliche stories about what a FL would put up with for the sake of money. It's sort of a reversed harem with lies and hidden truths. The FL is easily swayed by the fact the ML looks familiar. As a previous review mentioned, consent is kinda there but then there's non-con angry/jealousy screwing, which leaves a bad aftertaste. Sure, there were apologies and some can defend it by saying "it's because XXX love them THAT much," but we're beyond that trope at this point and I've read way more better stories about how couples confront these kinds of situations. Spoiler alert - she said "I'm gonna quit if I feel uncomfortable" but that never happened...the FL really is weak.
peichi Rating
Interesting premise but not well executed. The potential that crossdressing adds to play around with things like gender roles and genre expectations is completely wasted. Instead it's very cliche with typical childhood friends plot and typical doormat FL and pushy ML. The consent is very iffy in the first chapter and even afterwards when it is consensual, the girl is still just that type of FL that can't say what she wants and always says no, stop, wait, etc during sex (and of course the ML ignores all of that). The smut is nothing special, so not worth it for that alone. I like the crossdressing scenes, but that's about it.
heyobromo Rating
Crossdressers!!!! What's better than a man in a skirt? As of ch3, the romantic leads' relationship may seem a bit shallow, but the underlying plot hints at a greater story behind all of this. I have a feeling that this is creating opportunity for their love to develop, and it makes me excited for what's coming next! The smut is pretty steamy but definitely not as hardcore as some other titles on this site. I'd say it's a good middle ground for those who are looking to broaden their smut intake. Will definitely be following this title closely!
Sighz Rating
Likely be one that I reread. Really enjoyed the art & characters. The story is rather standard as are some of the troupes. Worth the purse.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Hahaa. This manga is funny i like cross dresser guys sooo much pretty interesting i like FC's vibes haha. Cannot wait for more thanks renta please more straight smut manga yiii.. Stay safe guys
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