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Seregil Rating
Pretty cute and fluffy. If the 'advances being made while drunk' thing (as implied in chapter summaries) isn't really your thing, it's actually pretty tame compared to where the genre sometimes takes that trope. Anyway, worth at least a rent. One can never have enough of fudanshi. :)
BrendaSoto Rating
Love it, cant get enough of it! The pace, the art style! Hot!
Cram Rating
Very nice. When comes more?
barlights Rating
beautiful art, funny story, you know it's good yaoi when you have to take breaks from reading because of secondhand embarrassment ><
ChattyK2125 Rating
AWESOME! Keep this story going!
Mnky3 Rating
That was so good please I need the next chapter. These boys are going to be the death of me so sweet.
secretobsession Rating
Super sweet story, very natural progression. An the way they just adore each other is amazing to me.
Skaenund Rating
So sweet and cute and just uggghhhh really great. Not to mention Ike and Taki are just way too good together, they communicate so readily and are so caring snd supportive. Now if you will excuse me I gotta go upgrade my rental so I can read at my leisure again!
Ashurichan Rating
This is so fluffy and lovely! Really looking forward to the final chapter Renta, please and thank you!
PinkHeart19 Rating
Really mundane. The characters are so wishy washy.
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