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Niyuar Rating
Start of the story: uke gets tied up and tells him several times to untie him and stop touching. Seme doesn't stop, penetrates him with his fingers. Uke feels really good anyway (yaoi logic). I think the seme is creepy and forceful. Not my kind of story. But nice art.
7AlternativeSongs Rating
SUPER SUPER CUTE! The top with a cute look but behind the scenes he has a deadly personality?? and the bottom, mean looking and has a terrible personality but a cute side to him. Its a bit cliché in that part but they made it work so well i cant say it wasnt good. The way its drawn is also cute i couldn't resist reading it~~! Cant wait for more to come ill surely read it!
radish Rating
Breathes heavily....tsundere bottom x persistent obsessive top..!!! ? jumps pretty fast to the H scene and there is dub-con due to the nature of the pair dynamics. Otherwise art is really pretty; I'll be anxiously awaiting new chapters !!
Flowery Rating
I'm a sucker for yandere and obsessive boyfriends lol so this is just for me
idgal Rating
This is recommended for yandere lovers.
beitfamily Rating
better than i thought it would be!! yanderes are the best!!!!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I really liked the passion and yandere element in this. I hope it gets updated soon, I find the story interesting. The smut is hot, varied and the art is great. There is an element of non con running through the story. However I think the uke is gay and pretends to put up a fight, but really enjoys it. The uke is then absolved of guilt because the seme “made” him do it. This is just fantasy, don't take it seriously.
Necromancer Rating
Renta74 Rating
Five stars for the type of story it is. There's no complex plot, or drama. This is for people who want to enjoy a relationship between a simple-minded uke, and a perverse yet honest seme. They are an adorable couple.
Cyboarga Rating
Art looks good, but not my cup of tea. The characters don't seem believable to me. Uke is forced, but instead decides to masturbate the seme as punishment?
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