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Oltrepassassi Rating
If you enjoy slow novels that lack romance and chemistry, this is the one for you!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
It was pretty to look at, but the whole story was just so convoluted. I kinda was bored throughout. Tucker is so rigid and uptight and Olivia has her guard up as well. And what was up with Maria? There's not a lot of backstory on Tucker's dating history so I was never sure of his character. But I assumed he was too against love and romance to ever be too lofty with women. The ending is meh. No wedding but she's pregnant. So-so story. Very pretty though.
skeeter2d Rating
Good quick read. Very sweet. A nice change of pace from the smutty in your face romance. I like how it gets the emotions across without the filler.
mushrooms Rating
It just wasn't very believable and I found myself more interested in the father and son subplot than the supposed romantic focus of the story.
CarmillaRenee Rating
Wish it was longer, but this story so cute. It's well worth the money!
HishamXNadzra Rating
Ohmyyygaaaaawd! What a beautiful story that i cried for a father and son story and fell inlove at the same time. I love the FC's strong Altitude and the MC's appearances. It's worth of the money T.T i really enjoyed how the story begins. But i somehow feel cliffhanger in the end maybe because i wanted to see them atleast get married? Haha well, afterall it was a masterpiece. The Art is sooo beautiful i love iiiiiit! Thank you erenta for bringing this wonderful HQ Manga. Stay safe and godblessed
Majala Rating
I really enjoyed this - a sweet story of two damaged people from very different backgrounds and the usual happily every after. A feel good story.
ebookrenta0cksy5oe1 Rating
This is your typical office romance but even if it could be better as a series, I appreciate the story line and character portrayals. A lot of good things can be learned from this story, the author's sincerity came across for me.
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