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GregorIAN Rating
There's a plot. It isn't apparent in the first chapter, but there is one. Lonely guy seeking voice that comforted him in his youth (or something similar) ends up unknowingly next door to the guy who he believes that voice belonged to - so all those feelings come forward (which is why part one happened the way it did with him going so easily with the flow). Of course, it doesn't seem like Asami remembers, so drama - drama - drama. All in all, seems like it will deal with fears of abandonment and the difference between the comfort found in another person's body versus those had in a relationship - typical erotic romance sex first plot line, but I think pace of the romantic plot line is (as is typical) a bit slower to form and as it wasn't as clear from the get-go, I can see why someone might write this one off as smut for smut when that's not really the case.
dongtheggplant Rating
Another one where the only good thing is the sex scene. If you want to read something with substance, this isn't the one. If it's just for the sex then go for it. Rating 1 star simply because I've read very similar BLs to this but are better executed.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Not sure how anyone gave this 1 star, cause it is awesome. Sure it is a bit cliché, but it is a great story and the two characters are super cute together. I do wish it was longer instead of just 6 short volumes, but there is definitely more than just smut (although there is a lot). It is worth the read!
maidoftoast Rating
3 chapters in, the characters seem to be developing feelings for each other and I wonder how it will go.. So far it's nothing special, but it's cute and has pretty art so I'm enjoying it
BrendaSoto Rating
Can't wait for more... Thank you to the artists who made this, much appreciated.
Shion512 Rating
The ending was so cute! This was definitely a great read!
Manhwa45 Rating
I really love this manga
hondab Rating
I love the chemistry between the submissive lover and the dominant Ryo.
ShiinaMH Rating
Nice read!! Definitely recommended^^
LMonster2 Rating
I think this was a fun story line that will get more interesting but I don't like waiting to read the next chapter...
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