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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm always game for a teacher/student story. It's just so taboo. I love it!!!! This was good, but it was a bit too serious for me. That's not bad per se but I just prefer some humor to counter all the heavy emotions going on. Both leads are cute. The love scenes are pretty smokin once it's all mutual. Pretty good. I rented it tho because I'll probably never want to reread this one down the road.
CuteCherry Rating
It was good, a solid story with emotion and angst. It felt very quick, like there just could've been more but it's still enjoyable
MioAkiyama Rating
love love love the entire premises and storytelling of it! student x teacher with a lot of baggage from each individual party. It ended pretty nicely
HorseObsessed Rating
I like this story alot. The Uke (Tojima) is hot. His reactions are the comedic parts (in my opinion). It doesn't quite get you outright laughing, but there's a smile on my face as I'm reading this. As one of the other reviewers said, I wish the author would've fleshed out the characters backgrounds more (Tojima, Akira, Akiras' mother, Koki). How/where/when did they meet? When did they start dating? When did Koki propose. What are their ages, (the ages of all four characters)? The artwork is very good, it isn't going off into nothing. There're actual backgrounds in the Tankobon, (teeth, fingernails, Etc.) Details. : )
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I honestly really liked this. I wish there was more regarding Mr. Tojima's background and the mom's. Some events just happen without any back story. It doesn't really cause issue, it just would be nice to have. I really love teacher/student BL...makes it even more taboo. This pair is really adorable, especially since the teacher is the uke and is shorter. It is a nice piece. I wasn't super into it, but I wasn't not into it.
GregorIAN Rating
This is okay. There's a lot of hinting at past events without confirming the exacts, and so traumas aren't necessarily dealt with. The main characters do end up communicating and the student apologizes for pushing the teacher which is unique. An middle story, but one I don't think I'd revisit.
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