User Reviews For: Do You Want to Be Spoiled? -Bound by My Hoodlum Boyfriend-


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Bunnione Rating
Yup I'm hooked! So far lovely chapter excited to see what happens. You know its good when in the first chapter you have suspense, romance, smexy smut and the promise of more!Ah I adore this!
heyobromo Rating
Very rushed. Everything happened so quickly that I could barely register what happened. It feels frustrating because the story was set up in a way that could've developed nicely if the story wasn't 2 chapters long. Like, imagine a story like The Yankee and The Artist compressed into 2 chapters. Sounds frustrating, right? Especially since you know the story can be so much more. The gangster and surprise marriage elements are more excuses than they are part of the story. The smut was okay though, I'll give it that. Overall, a quick read is really all it is.
Sighz Rating
Cute, sexy, and decent.I wish there was more substance to the plot, but overall worth the time and cost
teria1835 Rating
Cute and short read. I liked the main characters. Drama resolved quickly. I did want more character development from the hero. He seemed to really love the heroine though/
boarhandles Rating
Wow...the male lead in this story is SUPER HOT. The sex scenes are really steamy as well, and there's plenty of them for only a two chapter story. I wish the backstory for the male lead was more fleshed out, though. And they reached a happy ending way too quickly. Sad this wasn't a longer story but would still read again.
misshime104 Rating
Sad that it's such a short story. But it's fluffy and different from other gangster/mobster Manga. The main guy is so hot n sexy. The girl is pretty somewhat navie but not so navie that it makes you hate it. Love everything about it. Want more chapters.????
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