User Reviews For: How to Steal a House Cat [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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vanlee84 Rating
I really loved both stories. First one has a somewhat happy threesome and the second one animal ears, what's not to love!! I loved the art too, I wish I could read more from this author.
Huihui Rating
Entertaining read.
Waterbaby09 Rating
My eyes have been blessed thank you so much and please keep up the great work
Cram Rating
I really liked the wolf-story, there could have been a lot more. The first story was not so good unfortunatly.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
The second story was cute, but honestly after reading this I was like, "what was the point? What was this about?" I don't think it is really worth reading and the characters' faces were kind of strange to me. I dunno, it was OK, but nothing special. I wish they took the second story, gave it more depth and made it the main story.
Stone Rating
This book gots two stories. I liked both but the second one was my favorite.
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