User Reviews For: Please Be My Alpha! A Pure-hearted Delinquent's First Love


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Cute!!!!!!!! And hawt!!!! But so cute!!!! Momo you little!!! I love the businessman and delinquent trope!!! So funny. Arts pretty good and the pacing is pretty ridiculous but I love it!!! Next please!!!!
biggestrebel Rating
It was alright but kinda superficial. We barely learned anything about our leads. If you're here for a quick fluff and some sex, this is for you! I do wish I could have rented instead of bought but the art was nice. The chibis were especially cute
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Extremely cute art! The alpha and omega are refreshing and different than the usual trope. The alpha is an average, normal nerdy looking guy. And the omega is a buff delinquent. I like that the omega is aggressively chasing the alpha for once. Can't wait for more!
Lizzie Rating
Yep wasted points , it's not bad but not good enough
MirrorMask22 Rating
I'm a sucker for Omegaverse. I've seen some good and some bad ones. This story has potential! So far a good story line. I'm hoping for some back story in the omega.
StephieJay Rating
MY HEART!!!!! OMG, this is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! The other reviewers have it right! Totally HOT, but even MORE cute!!! I love that it's a different take on the Omegaverse with the Alpha being so "normal". But this is a gem of adorable cuteness!! It will make you giggle, LOL, squeal, and all the amazing wonderful things that come for super cute adorable fluff!!! Buy it! you won't regret it!!
ChattyK2125 Rating
NO!! They have to be able to be a pair-bond after all that! Looking forward to another!!
Ladyznw Rating
This is a very adorable story. I can't wait for the next chapter.
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