User Reviews For: The Male Escort and the Son of Nobility Who Loves Him [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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HereWeGoAgain Rating
A super sweet story! Kichiro is pretty clueless, but he's determined to win Natsuo over. I enjoyed watching Natsuo react to Kichiro's honesty.
ebookrenta050vpzd9b Rating
A really cute love story,
dinodinorawr Rating
adorable, amazing, perfect ;_;
nickel Rating
A sweet and earnest story!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
What did I ever do to deserve this assault on my heart?? Ugh, they are too dang adorable!! I was hesitant at first cause I get a bit tired of the host storyline, but now I kick myself for waiting!! Definitely worth reading!!! I literally squealed at the end. No joke!
Kn0119 Rating
Really good enjoyed it
Myteddyandi1 Rating
Loved it, not all about intercourse just a lovely story.
Annakarrie Rating
Soooo sweet like candy, it will give you cavities.
Kumamoon Rating
Love it! It was a cute story! Not too short nor too long.
yopapalimestone Rating
If you are looking for a hot steamy yaoi manga, this manga ain't for you. Buuuttt if you are looking for that cheesy yet absolutely sweet story between two men falling in love with each other, fucking go for it. It is a quick read with an absolutely adorable couple and with a few censored softcore sex scenes.
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