User Reviews For: A Friendship Gone Too Far [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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legallybling Rating
This was sooooo goood! I personally really love the combination of longing and obliviousness and boyyyy did this deliver! The art is really nice too. I wish it's longer because I enjoyed it so much and I want more!
madhatter Rating
The only thing in my mind after I finished this manga was it felt rushed. The mangaka was squeezing in background story for each character and also some for each couple. There's not enough time to feel the conflict, then it ended somewhat abruptly. But the art was quite nice, and there's some sex scenes. There are coloured pages too. You could see the mangaka's effort to make the sex scene sexy but it was a bit too short to enjoy it.
ChattyK2125 Rating
A great Love Story and a beautiful story of friendship between four friends. How lucky they were to hAve all found there soulmate.
CrzyCloud26 Rating
This isn't a super special premise. The charm here is the emotions played out, the sex is good, and there is story and smut. Also, I liked the art. I really liked it this as a whole!
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