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MariaV Rating
This was amazing! I rented it first then immediately purchased it, worth reading again and again imo. The bottom is super cute in personality, the top is handsome and the bottom makes him blush like crazy with his honest straight forward compliments/lines - this was the best bit for me!!! Very smutty & steamy, does not disappoint, all consensual, no extreme or sadist personalities in here either. Confident, bubby, bottom, kind and thoroughly teased top - defo recommended by me.
fandomnightmare Rating
THE MC ACTUALLY REALISES HE'S BISEXUAL! THE WORD BISEXUAL IS SPOKEN IN THIS MANGA! HALLELUJAH!!!With that out the way... This is both one of the cutest and one of the hottest things I've read in a long time. Both characters are pretty well fleshed out, they're not stereotypical. The main guy seems like a standard cute bottom at first, but he's got a bit of a lecherous side, and the top actually questions whether he should be doing things with a (very consenting) client. They each had a good friend too, and those characters were pretty fun. I just really enjoyed this, and it was extremely hot. The erectile dysfunction idea can sometimes lead to dubcon or hard bdsm, but that wasn't the case this time. I love how enthusiastic they both were! You've got to read it! I rented this, but I will be purchasing it as soon as I post this review.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
What an absolute breath of fresh air! For once, it's a smutty yaoi with two main characters that are actually smitten with each other. There's no beating around the bush, no unnecessary drama, no chapters of filler or back and forth 'idk if he likes me'. Just open and honest feelings from the extremely ditzy and blunt MC looking for help with his ED, and a massage therapist that is absolutely smitten with him. It's honestly perfect due to the balance of humor the author puts in to even it out.I absolutely loved it and I'm a very hard person to please. It's worth every darn penny, so give it a read!
RinYon Rating
The story is hilarious. If you are looking for a good laugh and no drama then this book is for you. It is worth every penny. I love the uke - a big airhead but also a cute, adorable, and honest person :))))))
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I don't even know what to say. It's a romantic comedy of a younger guy who's a complete airhead but always says what he means and an older guy who's the best friend of his big bro. They meet under unusual circumstances and a bit of a misunderstanding. But it's super cute and pretty hawt! There's a HEA too!!!
Miyachan Rating
Ooommmyyygooodd!!! Don't rent! Buy it!!!
Nashi4eva Rating
OMG! I loved it! This is so amazing ? ?. I am going read the other titles by this author ?
zw9500 Rating
I LOVE THE UKE SO MUCH OH MY GOD, he's so ridiculously funny, honest and straightforward??? And the seme is an absolute sweetheart of course... 11/10 would recommend
Seranwrap99 Rating
It's cute, funny and steamy! The characters are great, especially the seme. I loved seeing the seme hold back and not take advantage of the ukes trust or vulnerability (although he kind of did in the beginning but it fits the sexy massage theme). This is worth every penny/point!
Tgypmo Rating
Suuuper cute story with a ditzy and very open guy falling for his kind and handsome massage therapist. The smut was steamy and well paced, and there were scenes so cute I thought I'd explode!!! Definitely one of my top reads on here
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