User Reviews For: Like a Boss -the Tyrant and Me in Bed til the End-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yessssss!!!! More please!!!! Mygawd that is some hawt chemistry folks!!! And that ending, hellO!!! Yes!!! To everything. The art. The characters. The incredibly hot smexy scenes. To the bi ML. To the plot. I need more. Thank you Renta!!!!
hainekko Rating
WOWEE~! This series seems to be hitting some of my weak points... two-faced male lead, great art, sexy steamy scenes... the first chapter is *chef's kiss* I am super excited to see how this series progresses. I also really enjoy the female lead. And that revelation at the end of the first chapter, though...!? *fans self*
ebookrenta0ae3cdddc Rating
I really like this girl! Yes, be true to yourself, be free, have fun with whomever you want. I totally understand what it is to have a boyfriend that blames his cheating on yours supposed flaws because you're not perfect. Better be free!
AquaBenten Rating
So far, I'm super excited to see more of this. I like the art and characters so far and I LOVE the rise of Bi male characters.
loopysheep Rating
Hot, consentual, and it looks like he might be bi? Yes please!
Boobsbutts69 Rating
I am in love with this manga!It is so refreshing to have a bisexual main character that isn't treated like a joke or just plain abusive. This is the kind of arrogant male character that should be the standard in romance novels rather than the cold manipulative one we usually see. I love his response to her past relationship and I hope we see her become more confident and self-assured throughout the story.I realize it is early on and I am making some assumptions but so far I adore what I have read. Recommendation: Heck YES!
AinoKusabi Rating
Both leads are funny in their own way; the art's nice, and the story doesn't seem cliche, so far.
davedas Rating
chapter two is slightly censored [page 7 and 27] you'll notice if you've read the RAW version.
Bunnione Rating
Fantastic, great art & nice flow. A surprise at the last chapter. I can't wait for more!!
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