User Reviews For: Like a Boss -the Tyrant and Me in Bed til the End-


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mahikokatoru Rating
It was alright. The art was a little silly at some parts. The story was okay, could be more heartbreaking. A good rental.
AutumnMoon13 Rating
Ending was very sweet
Sighz Rating
Super enjoyable read. Start as fuck buddies & the story goes on from there. One downside for me is the ending is still so incomplete as to how interactions go, & their lives
ebookrenta06g3ce3b8 Rating
I really enjoyed this, I hope there will be more chapters. Looking forward to it. Relatable story line, hot moments, and developed characters. Would definitely recommend.
ebookrenta0nqe1184h Rating
VERY SATISFYING!!! Honestly love the dynamic between them, can't get enough!
Zeet Rating
Love it... it's hot.. he is bi and not ashamed of it.. bad boy to the max
animepie Rating
This is sooo good. He's so arrogant(but kinda nice) and she's so cute (she's a lot of things but definitely cute). Their relationship dynamic is just so good. It's funny, playful, sexy, and charming.
Noodlebat Rating
Loving this so far. It's different and interesting. The male MC is not your run of the mill hot guy, he's complex and I can't wait to see how his character develops. the female MC is learning to be herself and do and wear what she wants. It's a great relationship - can't wait for the next chapters!
AinoKusabi Rating
Both leads are funny in their own way; the art's nice, and the story doesn't seem cliche, so far.
davedas Rating
chapter two is slightly censored [page 7 and 27] you'll notice if you've read the RAW version.
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